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Meet Matthew Ryan Muller

What are my values?

I believe Design can inspire creativity, invoke true emotion and can help others find joy in digital experiences, even in the little moments of our busy lives

About Me

Gday! Im a 3rd RMIT Bachelor of Design Digital Media student. I have strong interests in UX design, UX research, interaction design, web development and graphic design. I enjoy creating digital experiences that leave a lasting emotional impact and change the way people see digital environments.

Originally I solely was interested in graphic design. I would create art in photoshop by editing photos and other artwork I found on the internet, better known now as photo manipulation. I studied a Cert IV and Diploma of Digital Media in 2013 after finishing school but abandoned the idea of working in design due to not finding work soon after graduation.

While many consider the Covid pandemic to be one of the worst things to happen this past decade, I saw it as an opportunity to improve myself. 7 years after I graduated from my diploma, I'm back to give it another try. I decided I will finally take the proper steps to fulfilling my dream in becoming a Digital Designer, or better yet, a UX designer.

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